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Fantastic location, communed with nature, in the heart of Göcek…

Tranquil and magnificent bays, the chain of islands lined as if in the shape of an elegant pearl necklace with the Taurus Mountains rising behind … Welcome to Göcek, the starting and the ending point of the Blue Voyage route, the paradise on earth where the azure meets the green of the pine trees.

Artistic Touches

Resa Göcek features almost an art gallery within the details of its interior design and special objects created by Artist and Designer Bilgehan Uzuner.

Deniz Hotel, the very first hotel of Göcek, continues to host sea aficionados under the name of ‘Resa Göcek’ with its brand new facet, combining modern architecture and ancient art.


Modern and Cozy...

Resa Göcek, located in the heart of Göcek, welcomes its guests throughout the year with its magnificent location by the sea, offering the urban comforts and the boutique hotel coziness all in one, with 14 rooms furnished in modern style.

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